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Who’s tree is that? How much land do I have? Do I own that fence? Is he farming my land? These are common questions we are asked that can be answered with a boundary survey.

Stoeckel-Jahner Surveying Inc. will determine and identify your boundary lines with a boundary survey. Once we complete the boundary survey you will be provided with a Certificate of Survey, which is a scaled map of your property showing your property lines, buildings, encroachments and any other necessary items.


Boundary Surveys

Stoeckel-Jahner Surveying Inc. has many years of experience in the subdividing of urban and rural areas. We can assist on small, single lot subdivisions or larger developments containing residential, planned unit developments, common interest communities, apartments and commercial development.

Subdivision Design

Stoeckel-Jahner Surveying Inc. proudly services the entire state of Minnesota.

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Impervious Surface Calculations are an essential component in the planning of building and remodeling projects. Impervious surface is anything on your property that water can not pass through.  This usually comes into question within Shoreland District Boundaries (property on the lake). Stoeckel-Jahner Surveying Inc. can assist in determining your Impervious Surface coverage to meet the requirements of local government.

Impervious Surface Studies

Stoeckel - Jahner Surveying Inc. has assisted Townships in surveying existing township roads to provide location of existing right of ways and easements for roadways and utilities.

Township Services

Our professional services include:

   • Construction staking

   • Impervious surface surveys

   • Boundary surveys

   • ALTA/ACSM surveys

   • Transmission line locations

   • Topographic surveys

   • Subdivision design

   • Planned unit developments

   • GPS surveys

   • Cemetery designs

   • CIC plats

   • Aerial control

   • Easement and description drafting

   • Concept plans

   • Wetland locations

   • Farm site surveys

   • Township planning

   • Renewable Energy Projects

   • Wind Energy Staking

Surveyor looking through tacheometer Man looking through tacheometer

Farm Site - Agricultural Surveys

Stoeckel Jahner Surveying Inc. can survey your farm to determine the exact acres and even distinguish between tillable acres, posture, woods and wetlands. We can survey small building sites or large farms with many acres for an investment project or for estate planning.