Assisting you in the planning stages

and throughout your entire project.


Civil Engineering and Land Surveying have a symbiotic relationship. Stoeckel Jahner Surveying Inc. is proud of our relationship with our partnering Civil Engineers, and its ensuing results. Please call us to discuss your civil engineering needs.


Stoeckel-Jahner Surveying Inc. provides field collected data and other pertinent information to our partnering Engineers. One example would be an Existing Conditions survey which may include the location of boundary, easement and right-of-way lines, above and below ground utilities, storm sewer, watermain and storm sewer, as well as the location of pavement, buildings, walks and signage




Civil Engineering

• Site plans

• Paving plans (Parking Lots, residential street design)

• Grading plans

• Utility plans (Storm sewer, watermain and sanitary sewer)

• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) plans

• Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Some services that our partnering engineers offer:

Stoeckel-Jahner Surveying Inc. proudly services the entire state of Minnesota.

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After the Civil Engineering plan set is produced, we are available to layout all of the proposed features (construction staking). We stake these features on the ground, and assist the building contractor with the proposed location and elevation of your new facility and the utilities which service the project. We have a great working relationship with many different contractors in the area, who can help get the project completed on time and on budget.